Videos for Testing TV Features

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These are Japanese Music Videos useful for testing various TV features such as Motion Interpolation/Smoothing, Bloom and HDMI-Black Levels.

A YouTube Playlist can also be found here

15fps (1080p) - Projector/Low Framerate Test

24fps (1080p) - Fast Animation Test

24fps (1080p) - Panning Test

24fps (1080p) - HDMI Black Levels and Slow Motion Test

24fps (4k) - Smooth Motion/Slow-Motion/Color Cycling Test

30fps (1080p) - Smooth Video and Laser Projection Test

30fps (4k) - Smooth Drone Footage Test

30fps (4k) - Bloom/HDMI Black Levels and Deliberate Distortion Test

60fps (1080p) - Smooth Video and Animation Test

60fps (4k) - High Framerate Live Concert Test

60fps (8k) - 8k Performance Test