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Just a placeholder for now. This page will contain a list of the Kanjis from Heisig's book(s) called "Remembering The Kanji", it will allow you to quickly find a kanji by keyword/meaning or by number.

Codes And Their Meaning

(*baseball) Words like this with a star in paranthesis describes the primitive meaning according to Heisig, not the actual meaning of the Kanji itself.

Heisig 0001-0250

0001 一 one
0002 二 two
0003 三 three
0004 四 four
0005 五 five
0006 六 six
0007 七 seven
0008 八 eight
0009 九 nine (*baseball)
0010 十 ten

Heisig 0251-0500

Heisig 0501-0750

Heisig 0751-1000

Heisig 1001-1250

Heisig 1251-1500

Heisig 1501-1750

Heisig 1751-2000

Heisig 2001-2250

Heisig 2251-2500

Heisig 2501-2750

Heisig 2751-3000

LentoMan 3000+